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Longing by Anuset
"I'm not a coward...
...they never teached me how to bring comfort, only pain.

Though she is different, a part of me, but still not...
Through her I can give you my love...

For through that small illusion I can pretend, that we know how to love..."

So this is my contest entry for PurrV  "MTMTE love contest"... and as one can guess I'm not in the least pleased by the result of the picture, but I have saddly not enough time (and wanted to do something else than a fic by the last contest)so this has to do. 

To summ things up:

This nearly took me three months with extremly limited time. My humans still look horrible, one of the wings got too thin, Whirl is stitting rather weirdly on that hand (did I mention this was my first time drawing either of them) and I had while drawing scrapped three ideas and I will not even mention the paper... At least the scanner did not bucher this up even more...

@ Brainstorm, Whirl -->Hasbro
Quote - > myself

The Portrait by Anuset
The Portrait
Yes, I had defined suspicions before, but now it is clear our scanner hates me and I have no clue why it the colour of my first black pen is blue, mostly that even the label on it and on paper it is black. Well at least for the portrait part this messed up scanning looks fitting...

Any way this is a picture made for the Youkai contest jisuk is holding: Yokai ContestDesign a Yokai Contest
Hey everyone! I’m holding a contest for Karasu where you can design your own yokai. I will draw the winning designs into the above sketch so they can have dinner with everyone at Urameshiya. Heh ehheh.
Deadline: March 2, 2015 (Monday)
1st/2nd place: Spots A and B on the above drawing (and a mini print of the final)
3rd: Postcard and stickers
4th: Postcard
Design a yokai character! Please use existing types so it follows proper Japanese mythology (eg: oni, yuki-onna, etc).
Types of yokai: /

When I first read through the contest I was planning to attempt drawing a Yuki-onna, but after two days of planning I kind of thought that probably a number of people might choose her and I'm really not that good with drawing humans so me and drawing a beautiful woman? That will take even more time so I ended up choosing one of my favs from Japanese folklore, the Kuchisake Onna. As you can see she is getting her painting taken by an Oni in a cave while two curious Hitodama give light in the dark for the painter.

By the hand I was doing the picture while I held a paint brush in my left hand and was looking at it while drawing only with my right hand (the model of the paintbursh and the writing on it were all taken from the brush I got as a present from my Chinese teacher who also gives me Calligraphy lessons). Ah yes, neraly forgot her name is Akane.
Choose your words wisely
First of all, G1 is not easy to draw and working from 12 different references will make it hard to do size readjustments perfectly, mostly if you have not enough time to start over. Also just to be safe I put this as mature. 

So and now to the picture, this is an extert from one of the upcomming scenes in my story 'United we stand, divided we fall' featuring three of my OCs (Sunsky, Rave and Litae). Rave being rather much like his sire with a small dose of boldness managed with his words and not exactly paying attention to Evenstar's explainings about her cousins culture to offend two femmes at tha same time. Literaly he told them that they are not in right to be the leaders of their respective Trines. This naturally prompted them to as per Seeker culture to prove to the offender how they got their position. 

After my headcanon by the forming of a Trine and who has which post is a lot of seduction involved (fanon seems to aprove of such thoughts) so in public they argue constantly and whenever they ged Rave alone they play their game with the confused half-Praxian who is sure that Seekers have a glich. 

Small Bio:

Sunsky: she is the sparkling of Sunstreaker and Skywarp, much to the horror of many who could have functioned happily if those two would have staid enemies. Sky is like both of her creators a prankster, but due to Seekers being sociopaths in several way and her sire having a psychopathic streak is it not healthy to get on her bad side if neither her Trine, creators or cousin are near by. It does also not help the situation with her temper that she loves horror movies, much to Wavelash's torment who often needs to use his telepathy to take care about her harmfull ideas. She is rather fond regards her cousin Evenstar no matter how she tends to play it off, after all it is rare that a Seeker would allow a grounder to be present when forming their Trine. Beside that is she a true daddy's little princess who can do nothing wrong in her sires optics. Her primary colours are yellow, violet and white.

Rave:Oldest sprkling of Prowl and Jazz, he also has a twin brother Driad. Rave is in much ways like his sire (though without the problem with his logic circuits), but due to the boldness he had inherited from his carrier does he not exactly notice when he says the wrong thing to another person. Unlike his brother who harbours and crush on Sky is he not exactly fond of Seekers and preffers to keep space between them, but since he got two of them offended is his peace over till he figures out what he did wrong and forces himself to apologize.

Litae: Litae is the first sparkling of Sunstorm and Bitstream, her name was inspired by the Greek godesses of prayers. Naturally is she also a faithfull folower of Primus and will not mind spending hours either praying or to paraise him, though she is also an excellent hacker like her sire and will use this skill without remorse to get what she wants.

Transformers @ Hasbro

Sunsky, Rave, Litae @ me
A small gift by Anuset
A small gift
When one of the nurses had called him up from the morgue had Knockout ignored the smirk on her face, he was not exactly in the mood for such things. Who would after being dragged around on your free day  for six hours straight by your best friend so that he could get the perfect present for his girlfriend. Knockout actually could live just fine without hearing her name again or anything to do with her job so it was understandable that he was somewhat taken back when he spotted Soundawave standing by the reception, looking uncertain and fidgetti.

Shaking his head made he his way to the other while still wondering why Megatron's personal hacker was at the hospital, why a prosecutor would even need a hacker was beyond him, but after having met the man and his colleagues he decided that he did not need to know.

"Soundwave, what brings you here?" he asked in the gentlest way he could, noting that even though the man was wearing his usual long coat, gloves and mouth protector he was lacking the sunglases. He had actually rather lovely eyes. 'Stop that, the last time you were around them you got kidnapped and nearly killed a number of times' he chidded himself. Yes this was the last time he did Breakdown such a favour, after that disaster he had also a few words for Ratchet that he could not have warned him sooner.

"I have a present for you" Knockout needed to strain his ears to hear the words, to be honest he did not even know that the other could speak, though then his thoughts come to a screecing halt when spotting the red rose one of those long, gloved hands were holding out towards him.

He will have to later get Ratchet and Arcee to stop the nurses from starting some rumours anstead of doing their jobs.

So this is text and scene extert from one of my future fics where everyone is human. Other than that I'm still terrible with human anatomy and the scanner hates my colouring attempts no matter what I do. 

In any other way happy Valentines day! If I manage the colouring, meaning Skywarp does not demand my attention or my parents wanting something will I be posting a second picture up today, that one being also an extert from one of my fics and will show my first try to do three of my G1 OCs...

Knockout, Soundwave @ Hasbro

This story is kind of frightening me...

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 18, 2015, 12:04 AM
  • Mood: Angsty
  • Listening to: Jam Project - Praise be to Decepticon
  • Reading: Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters
  • Watching: Transformers (kind of mixing continuities)
  • Playing: The Sims3
  • Drinking: Green Tea

Firstly I would like to give my thanks to PurrV for the Premium, I had much fun by your contest and CaroRichard for letting me use this skin.
Edit: I have not long ago started a tumblr account for Transformers and Saint Seiya stuff:

Sigh...those who had looked at the link in my previous journal entry and had seen my latest attempts at drawing know that I got back into the Transformers fandom. I also stated that my mind jumped on it pretty hard and gives me ideas, one of the results is the story 'United we stand, divided we fall'.…

Since I had started to write it had the story already a big number of fandoms to it and it just keeps on mutating. I mean...13 Transformers continuities, Star Trek TOS movies, TOS alternate movies and Next Gen, Eureka, Castle, NCIS, Stargate SG-1, Dinosaucers, Extreme Dinosaurs, Biker Mice from Mars, Men in Black cartoon series,  Ghostbusters cartoons Real and Extreme.

I dread to know what will be joining these fandoms soon seeing how I already needed to start a list regards what I want to put into the story as well as pairings and their some I'm already by great-grandchildren. Soo nice that some shows just give the possibility I mean for example the Stargate works just like a Space Bridge would and with the TF fandom having dimension-travel as cannon gives my brain torment.

So yes, I have no clue when this story will get fully done...meaning not in the near future and a part of me regrets the following question, but this would not be the first time I'm doing this. *sigh...* I'm open for requests what I should put into the story if your idea should not exactly fit in with the main plan it will be done in an one-shot just like some other senes which did not make it into the main plan.

Skin design by CaroRichard | Commission by Yunimori | Code by kuma-x


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Starsign: Scorpio (sometimes annoying when it comes to my character and the clashing with my ascendense sign Libra)

Pet: is scrarry how acurate that name is

Not much to say about myself because I don't wish to bore others those who know me in real life know how I am and those who wish to know me can freely write to me and I will answer they questions as fast as I can.

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